Documentary and travel photographer Kirill Kozmin. Photo stories.

Kirill Kozmin
Photo Stories
  • Cirkus Bambino. Stiven stands at the tent entrance in the beginning of the show

    Cirkus Bambino

    Dad, mom, and six children together - a small family circus Bambino - come to Sweden from Germany on tour every year. I started to photograph them in 2010 and since then do it every year. Here is a story of a family circus daily life.

  • Fredens Havn. Peace harbor. Copenhagen.

    Fredens Havn / Peace Harbor

    People who live here call it - «Village on the outskirt of a city in a city». A pirate bay in the very centre of Copenhagen is surrounded by new city opera and art schools from one side, a navy base from another, a free city Christiania from the third and one of the most expensive restaurants in the world, "Noma" from the forth. How and why did it appear here, and what are the people who live here?

  • View over an old city of Porto

    Islands of Porto

    Each country that passed the industrial revolution, faced the problem of mass construction of cheap housing for workers for new factories. How was this problem solved in Porto and how do people live in these places nowedays?

  • A man is reading a morning newspaper in the old city of Porto.


    Spirit of medieval times and modernity mixed with Port wine and Harry Potter fairytales. This is the city of Porto, where you can find the freshest seafood, take a ride on the Atlantic ocean wave on a surfing board and meet the most open and friendly people. What more can you find here?